Aspen Ridge Equine Hospital has multiple endoscopes to use for any number of applications needed by our clients. Endoscopy utilizes a long flexible “tube” with a camera in the end that is passed into an area, such as the stomach, that would otherwise be impossible to visualize.

We have a one meter video endoscope for evaluation of the upper airway or other remote region such as the bladder to help determine the causes of bleeding, purulent discharge, or other dysfunction. We can obtain a biopsy or even treat the area of interest through the endoscope that would otherwise not be possible. We also have a one meter non-video endoscope that we carry to the farm when the horse can’t be brought to the hospital. In addition, Aspen Ridge Equine Hospital has a 3 meter gastroscope for evaluating the stomach for ulcers. This is the only way to definitively determine the presence of gastric ulcers in the horse and has been very useful to rule in or out certain problems in horses with gastrointestinal dysfunction.